Electronic Ear Muff Protection

  • $99.95
  • Save $50


  • Adjustable Frequency Tuning – AFT
  • Sound Activated Compression – SAC, reduces loud sounds, like muzzle blasts, to safe levels. It always protects you while shooting and hunting outdoor.
  • Great for range masters and NRA shooting instructors.
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Specially designed headband and ultimate acoustic seal ear cushion. let you feel comfortable when wearing for a long time.
  • Four independent volume controls allow for true stereo sound while wind-resistant high-frequency microphones make it easy to identify sound and direction


  • 9x Hearing Enhancement with good quality.
  • Power - 50 dB.
  • 4 wind resistant, high frequency, stereo  
  • Microphones for precise sound directionality.
  • Adjustable Frequency Tuning - AFT.
  • 2 independent volume control knob.
  • Sound activated compression - SAC.
  • Ultra-lightweight 330g
  • Classically designed headband.
  • Leather ear cushion.
  • Iron gauze cover for microphones.
  • Operate on 2 "AAA" batteries.(Not included)
  • Noise reducing rating - NRR 23 dB.


Due To Heavy Demand:

✈ Please allow 10-24 days for delivery to the USA
✈ Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery to EU,UK & CA

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